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Welcome to DFBenefits & DFB TPA Services LLC, we  provide business owners with ideas and solutions to:

        1. Lower the company’s fixed overhead costs by managing your benefit costs
        2. Improve the company’s profitability by reducing HR costs
        3. Free the company’s employees from handling benefit issues to be more productive on the job
        4. Keep compliance related issues for your business up to date

The DFBenefits team manages these programs through a 6 step process called the “Employer HR Benefit System”. DFBenefits, Inc., reviews the company’s employee benefits, 401k, worker’s compensation, employee relations, employee payroll, personnel records, and hiring process. We then are able to custom tailor a system to lower your costs, improve your productivity and keep your company profitable.

The DFB TPA team prepares handbooks, review and creates Summary Plan Descriptions(SPD). The team handles FLEX/COBRA/HRA/HSA programs, as well as solves other human resource or Department of Labor compliance concerns.

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    Candius Stearns
    Candius Stearns